This is from back in the days of MS-DOS. Some people may still have a need for it. Others may just want to reminisce. A few of you may also have old applications, and this may inspire you to create your own "museum" pages.

The tvDMX package is an easy to use object-oriented data entry system for Borland Pascal's Turbo Vision application framework.

This can be used to create simple field entry views, scrolling databases or complex spreadsheets. Since it's object-oriented, programmers can override data sources (RAM or disk-based), and it includes additional units to access the Paradox Engine (ver 3.0).

tvDMX requires Borland/Turbo Pascal versions 6 or 7.  Some portions require version 7.

Download tvDMX.zip  (261 Kb) -- updated Mar-1-1998.

If you're curious what this looked like, there are more sample screens located at the "BYRON Museum" pages. The first screens there are standard Turbo Vision fare, but the grids (starting on the second page) were designed with tvDMX.

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