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My author website and blog
(Yes, I wrote a book!)

Programming Notes
Notes and code for Delphi and Lazarus programmers

File format documentation and table decryption programs

Paradox Table Repair
Paradox file recovery services, and PxBLUE

Book reference database

“The Ambitions of a Restless People”
at Bewildering Stories

Borland Database Engine 5.1.1
BDE upgrades can be downloaded from the Borland web site

Program to show BDE versions.

Delphi 2/3: Instructions on configuring InstallShield for this BDE (via
(Don't know why you'd still want that, but it's there if you do.)


Vronni's Money Saver

Sundial Services
UPX EXE compressor

Lazarus (Free Pascal Delphi clone)

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Reports
Int'l Space Station 360° view
What Earth Would Look Like With Rings Like Saturn

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