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PxBLUE:  Paradox Recovery Software


Only $40

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Did you ever get the feeling that losing a few records from corrupt Paradox tables wouldn't be so bad if only you could find out which records were lost?  It would be even better if you could reconstruct portions of those missing records, or perhaps fill in the missing fields using corresponding records from a backup. 

PxBLUE can do that.

It's not a typical scanning program to verify that your Paradox table is okay. PxBLUE is for when you know it's damaged, and records are lost that you want recovered.

After it repairs your table, PxBLUE will scan your old index files for lost fields and recover partial-records into a recovery table.  Sorry, the recovery phase of PxBLUE does not run on encrypted tables.  If your bad table is encrypted then you can still use PxBLUE's TUtility-functions to make repairs, but you won't find the lost records. 

For optimal recovery, your table should contain secondary index files in order to identify the lost records.  And, of course, the table should have some data that can be recovered.  (Fortunately, most corrupted tables do.) 

If those exceptions don't apply to your corrupted table, then it's probably a prime candidate for recovery by PxBLUE.  PxBLUE could otherwise still perform a standard repair job. 

Click here to order PxBLUE.

If you have any questions about PxBLUE, write me at rb@randybeck.com.

Requirements:  Windows 95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7

File Repair Services

PxBLUE is usually smart enough to fix whatever can be fixed.  In fact, if you send me a table that it couldn't fix, but I decide that it should, then I'll fix it for you as part of the cost for purchasing PxBLUE.  Frankly, unless your table is encrypted, you probably won't need my Paradox repair services if you try PxBLUE. 

But if you run into a bad table that can't be repaired automatically, try my services at rb@randybeck.com.  Most tables can be repaired for $100.  Prices can change depending upon the degree of difficulty.  Needless to say, you should try running a repair utility first, but keep a copy of the original table -- including its index files -- before attempting any repair.

PxBLUE is for Paradox repair after a catastrophe. For fast, automated regular testing and maintenance, you should try Chimney Sweep. You'll find this especially handy if you support a lot of users and want to catch problems before they get out of hand. A new version was just released.

Keeping it from happening again...

Well, you can't. But you can significantly reduce it from happening. It's getting harder to find information on this. I've posted a link to an old article, with some of my own thoughts, on my Notes page.


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